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Preventing HVAC Systems from Power Surges

Ensuring that our homes are comfortable all the time is very important. To combat winter cold and summer heat, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems also known as HVAC systems are very important. HVAC system is made of several units with the largest being the outdoor cooling unit. It has components such as air delivery devices, motors, boilers, terminals, heaters and chillers. All these components require electricity to function efficiently.


Power surges occur when electrical current is boosted above the optimum level at some point in the power line.


Strong thunderstorm produces lightning. The lightning can cause a chief risk to your HVAC system. Apart from the natural thunderstorm that can cause risks to the system, workers activities can also result to power surges and outages. The effects of surges on HVAC equipments can be detrimental. A power surge can impact negatively on the HVAC system as well as the equipments associated with it.


This calls for surge prevention as the results of the opposite are deadly. Although it’s not possible to control surges, there are precautions to prevent them from harming the HVAC system equipments.


Use Surge Protection


Surge protection is the process of ensuring that excess electricity is buffered if a power surge happens to occur. Whole home surge protection is a mile stone toward protecting the HVAC system and other appliances from damages caused by power surges. This protection is put at the point of entry of the main power line. Additionally power strips with surge protection capability can be used in each outlet. All HVAC equipments should be plugged into one power strip. Make sure that the surge protection in the power is functioning properly.


Make use of Time delay Technology


Power surges can also be caused by a power outage as the grid stabilizes. During stabilization process brief power spikes continue for a few minutes after power is restored to normal. If the HVAC system equipments happens to start instantly upon the reinstatement of power, these spikes could cause unprecedented damages. Using a thermostat with time delay technology will help in preventing the system from turning on instantly after power is restored. The technology will keep the system off for a few minutes, to allow the grid to stabilize before restarting the system.


Turn off the System


This is one of the easiest ways to prevent power surges from harming the HVAC system. Turning off the system at the circuit breaker or thermostat or both before a storm occurs. The HVAC system can be expansively damaged by a power surge if operating at the time when the surge occurs. Thus, turning it off will greatly reduce the damages that could arise If the air conditioning is on operation at the time of storm. It’s also advisable to turn off windows unit or room air conditioners and unplug them so as to prevent any damage by power surges for those who uses only the windows unit.


Upgrade Inadequate Wiring


Electrical systems built before 1980s were not designed to handle large voltage equipments. Some of the visible signs of insufficient wiring include frequent blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers and flickering or dimming light. Upgrading to the current wiring standards with the capacity to support equipment with high voltage consumptions can greatly help in preventing the surges.


Fix Overloaded Circuits


Many newer homes have the problem of overloaded circuits. Having a circuit with many small devices can cause power surges. To prevent HVAC system appliances from suffering from the damage, it’s important to establish a dedicated circuit for each big appliance and to partition rooms with multiple devices into split circuits.


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Prepare for Cold Weather in New Jersey with Heater Maintenance

When your environment is cold, you are naturally drawn to heat. As winter reaches its peak in New Jersey, it is important to have a source of heat in your house. However, when winters are a bit harsh you need your heating system to work at optimum condition. If your furnace is broken down or not producing as much heat, then it’s high time you found a heater maintenance service provider.


Heater Maintenance


Heater maintenance is a preventative measure that ensures your heating system is working in optimum condition. As a regular part of heater maintenance you should probably clean your heating system even when it’s not in use. This is because dirt is the biggest enemy of all heating systems. Heating systems can be complicated for most of us and their maintenance even more so. A basic heating system consists of the source of heat, the heat distribution system and the temperature control. For the intrinsic maintenance of the heating system, you need a heater maintenance expert to help keep your system sound.


Why Heater Maintenance is Important 


Saves Money: A badly maintained heating system is not efficient and it ends cost you more to heat the same house than when the heater was new. To lower your energy bills over winter call a heater maintenance expert.


Carbon Monoxide: most heating systems e.g. furnaces may use combustible components such as gas. When there’s incomplete combustion carbon monoxide forms .if the furnace is not maintained regularly t produces higher amounts of carbon monoxide which is poisonous. Tune up by the heater maintenance expert ought to make it right


Short Lifespan of the Heater: heater maintenance is preventative. It saves you from having to replace the heating system entirely .Regular heater maintenance should be done at the beginning of the cold season to clean all the dirt that has accumulated over the summer season when the heater was inactive. Dirt is known to wreak havoc with the blower, filter system and motor. If they malfunction and it goes undetected this shortens the lifespan of the heating system


Good Indoor Quality of Air: During heater maintenance cleaning your furnace duct system helps improve the air quality. Dirt blocks the air filter and moisture collected n the ducts can cause house molds. Heater maintenance reduces the presence of dirt particles, allergens and house molds from your system as well as the hot air expelled.


Void the Warranty: when you buy a new heating system there is a warranty offered. Most manufacturers recognize that the lifespan of the heating system is subject to regular maintenance by a licensed professional. If you don’t maintain your system regularly the manufacturer can void the warranty. This means that you are responsible for the entire heating system repair and replacement.


To get quality heater maintenance services as for a licensed professional who will come to your house access the problem before giving you an estimate. Different levels of maintenance require different expertise and hence the cost varies. It is good to err on the side of caution therefore ask to see their license and accreditation before inviting them into your house.


WJR advanced services are serving the areas of Toms River, Marlboro and Red Bank. Call us now (732 500 3229) to get expert services in Heating System repair and Emergency Furnace repair.

How Improper Maintenance Of HVAC Could Cost You A Fortune!

You wouldn’t drive your car 100,000 miles without altering the oil. Routine HVAC preventative care is the perfect way to make sure peak performance and trouble free functioning. Preseason care is also significant. It can help prevent a method failure in cold weather or serious hot when you want it most, from becoming unmanageable plus additionally, it may keep your energy bill.

Maintaining your HVAC system can be difficult if you do not know where to begin. First and foremost, it is important to understand why must you maintain your HVAC system.


Importance Of Maintaining Your HVAC


Keep your gear to stop future difficulties and prices that are unwanted. Keep your cooling system and heating system at peak operation by having a contractor do yearly preseason check ups. Contractors get busy winter and summer come, therefore it is better to inspect the cooling system in the heating system as well as the springtime in the autumn. You might plan the check ups round the time changes in the springtime and autumn, to recall.


Energy Reduction Benefits And Cost Saving


Energy can be costly with increasing prices in today’s markets. It is therefore highly beneficial to be able to save energy in every manner possible. One way to do so is to ensure that our HVAC units are constantly maintained and runs efficiently.


HVAC energy prices can be reduced by powerful care by 5 to 40 percent determined by the system or equipment called for. Various HVAC parts desire energy performance degradation or on-going care can happen.


Routine scheduled maintenance of ventilation, heat and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can raise their efficiency, as well as energy savings have been quantified by several studies from care, too.


1. Investigation of the energy savings potential by correcting those failures as well as failures in individual HVAC parts.


2. Entire-system estimates predicated on interviews with HVAC care pros. Energy Operation and HVAC Part Care


HVAC systems have over 100 elements, and energy performance degrades. This graph summarizes studies of the potential energy savings from great care on chiller parts with the largest energy impacts.


How To Perform A Check Up


It’s not as difficult as it seems. An average care checkup should contain the following:

  •  Assess thermostat settings to make certain the cooling system and heating system saves energy while you’re gone and keeps you cozy when you’re house.
  •  Defective electric connections decrease the life of important elements and can cause dangerous operation of your system.
  • Parts and increases the quantity of electricity.
  • A plugged drain impact indoor humidity levels and can cause water damage in the home.
  • Check the beginning cycle of the gear to ensure the system shuts off, and begins, functions correctly.


Summary – Cost Saving Benefits


The energy efficiency cans boost. More quantification of the energy savings will lead building owners to eventually become interested in routine care for their HVAC systems while the first data is supporting. More studies are needed to precisely quantify the return on investment from care tasks, and the energy savings from changing care strategies.


WJR advanced services are serving the areas of Toms River, Marlboro and Red Bank. Call us now (732 500 3229) to get expert services in Heating System repair and Emergency Furnace repair.

Challenges Faced if HVAC is Not Maintained

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems used during summer and winter seasons. During summer, the system utilizes its ventilation and air conditioning properties while the heating property is appropriately used during the winter season. Ventilation is needed during both seasons to control the air temperature in a building or car while getting rid of impurities in the air such as smoke, dust, odor and bacteria.


HVAC systems need to be properly maintained on a regular basis if they are to provide top quality services. When you buy or instal an HVAC system, maintenance should begin immediately. Neglecting a good HVAC system or poor maintenance of the system can cause harm to the system undoing all the improvements that were put on the design, as well as the people inside the building. Problems arise that can cause harm to people using a bad HVAC system. Most problems arise due to neglecting air filters in HVAC system that needs regular maintenance. The procedure could warrant cleaning the filters or replacing them altogether.


Filters help clean out impurities found in the air. They are one of the most important components of the ventilation part of the HVAC. Without proper maintenance, filters clog blocking normal flow of air while significantly reducing the efficiency of the HVAC system. This makes the air quality poor and harmful for the people in the building due to chemicals and smells released in the atmosphere that cannot be filtered out of the building. Therefore, it is very important to clean filters regularly and replace them every 1-6 months.


Another problem that could arise when a HVAC system is not maintained is an increase in the utility costs. A broken down HVAC system will use more energy than a good one. This results to increased electricity bills as it uses up more electricity trying to perform its functions. In addition, when a HVAC system is not maintained on a regular basis, some important parts of the system may break down beyond repair such as filters, condenser coils and evaporators. This would call for a replacement of the parts which may be more expensive than the maintenance procedures.


Discomfort is one of the most common outcomes when a HVAC system is not properly maintained. People sweat too much and may even get sick as a result of the chemicals and impurities in the atmosphere unable to be gotten rid of through ventilation. This leads to poor productivity and work efficiency in the office and work areas. In turn, a company or business may suffer great losses if people are unable to give their best work.


In conclusion, a properly maintained HVAC system is able to lower the costs of utility including energy, decreases the costs of replacing broken down components and creates a happy environment in the work place and at home. Therefore, whenever people complain about the efficiency of a HVAC system, it is advisable to look into it immediately before it causes more problems later. Regular maintenance not only reduces costs and efficiency of the equipment, it could also save you from a law suit from an unhappy employee.


WJR advanced services are serving the areas of Toms River, Marlboro and Red Bank. Call us now (732 500 3229) to get expert services in Heating System repair and Emergency Furnace repair.