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Challenges Faced if HVAC is Not Maintained

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems used during summer and winter seasons. During summer, the system utilizes its ventilation and air conditioning properties while the heating property is appropriately used during the winter season. Ventilation is needed during both seasons to control the air temperature in a building or car while getting rid of impurities in the air such as smoke, dust, odor and bacteria.


HVAC systems need to be properly maintained on a regular basis if they are to provide top quality services. When you buy or instal an HVAC system, maintenance should begin immediately. Neglecting a good HVAC system or poor maintenance of the system can cause harm to the system undoing all the improvements that were put on the design, as well as the people inside the building. Problems arise that can cause harm to people using a bad HVAC system. Most problems arise due to neglecting air filters in HVAC system that needs regular maintenance. The procedure could warrant cleaning the filters or replacing them altogether.


Filters help clean out impurities found in the air. They are one of the most important components of the ventilation part of the HVAC. Without proper maintenance, filters clog blocking normal flow of air while significantly reducing the efficiency of the HVAC system. This makes the air quality poor and harmful for the people in the building due to chemicals and smells released in the atmosphere that cannot be filtered out of the building. Therefore, it is very important to clean filters regularly and replace them every 1-6 months.


Another problem that could arise when a HVAC system is not maintained is an increase in the utility costs. A broken down HVAC system will use more energy than a good one. This results to increased electricity bills as it uses up more electricity trying to perform its functions. In addition, when a HVAC system is not maintained on a regular basis, some important parts of the system may break down beyond repair such as filters, condenser coils and evaporators. This would call for a replacement of the parts which may be more expensive than the maintenance procedures.


Discomfort is one of the most common outcomes when a HVAC system is not properly maintained. People sweat too much and may even get sick as a result of the chemicals and impurities in the atmosphere unable to be gotten rid of through ventilation. This leads to poor productivity and work efficiency in the office and work areas. In turn, a company or business may suffer great losses if people are unable to give their best work.


In conclusion, a properly maintained HVAC system is able to lower the costs of utility including energy, decreases the costs of replacing broken down components and creates a happy environment in the work place and at home. Therefore, whenever people complain about the efficiency of a HVAC system, it is advisable to look into it immediately before it causes more problems later. Regular maintenance not only reduces costs and efficiency of the equipment, it could also save you from a law suit from an unhappy employee.


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