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Preventive Maintenance

Avoid Costly Repairs:
Prevent Problem Before They Start!

Schedule a preventive maintenance today and make sure all your equipment is in good working order! The HVAC maintenance experts at WJR Advanced Sevices will inspect and service all of your residential and commercial equipment to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your home and/or business. You can save a ton of money by taking action before a problem occurs. WJR will provide a fair estimate on servicing your equipment.

No preventive maintenance is the same for any business or home. We will provide you with a systematic, customized preventive maintenance plan to fit your needs.

WJR Advanced Services can provide routine maintenance for all your business and household needs. Proper operation and safety of you heating and cooling equipment is our top priority. When you schedule a call with one of our service technicians, we will look to do the following:

  • Clean and replace any filters
  • Inspect the valves
  • Run tests on your equipment
  • Lubricate all motors and non-sealed moving parts
  • Monitor the levels of the refrigerant
  • Clean the exhaust hoods
  • Blowout condensate drain and clean pan
  • Tighten all your electrical connections
  • Cycle heating and cooling
  • Inspect and replace belts, as needed.

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We also recommend regular duct cleaning, airflow testing and air duct inspections to ensure your equipment remains energy efficient. More importantly, regular maintenance of ducts can provide good air quality in your home or business.

Safety is of the utmost importance in your home and business. Preventive maintenance operates to effectively ensure your home and business are safely operating. Preventive maintenance can help you save money on repair bills and monthly utility costs.

Be proactive! Schedule your preventive maintenance today!

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